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Brave is a web browser released in late 2015/early 2016. It claims to be one of the most privacy-oriented web browsers to choose from. However after some digging it becomes obvious that these claims are complete nonsence. Keep on reading to find out why these claims are utter nonsence.

Brave Records Your Browsing History and Uses it For "Analytics"

It was revealed that in August 2018 that Brave performed analytics on random users via their web history. Users were randomly selected to send their web history back to brave to "help improve their product". However, brave did not describe fully what this data was used for, however they claimed that it was used to help brave ads be more relevent

Brave Misleads People

This is one of the biggest reasons to not use brave. On their website, it says that you are a person and not a product, however digging into the scripts, you quickly realize that theres some Google Analytics and Brave Analytics scripts running...Hmmm. They also claim to use a built in adblocker with their services, but it is easy to realize that the feature only blocks ads that aren't braves. Brave injects ads into pages that have subscribed to the brave ad service. Furthermore, they use Googles safe browsing api, which Google can use to build a profile on the user.

Brave Impersonates People to Make Money

In 2018, Tom Scott, a famous YouTuber magically setup a donation page using a Brave payment service...exept he didn't. When he asked Brave to return the money the promptly refused

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